Do Io games cause viruses?

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Do Io games cause virus

Here at The Radcade we love free to play, web games, html5 games, browser games, which are often times called .io games. People are asking around the internet “Do io games cause viruses?” The answer is “it depends”. Its not a hard yes or no…

Io games operate like any other webpage you visit. These webpages may have hostile code on them that try to exploit your browser or take control. Luckily, most browsers have extensive builtin security precautions that prevent bad webpages from reaching out and doing harm to your computer outside of the browser. If a io game or a webpage wants to do something sus it will have to ask for permission. Your browser will give you a notification that the io game or page wants to access something sensitive like your web cam.

The most secure browser available and the browser we use at The Radcade is The Brave browser. We highly recommend you download Brave browser to keep your computer protected when playing .io games. In addition to the great anti virus security Brave provides, it is also super fast and will protect you from ads and spyware.

If you are using a safe browser like Brave you are going to be safe from viruses when playing .io games. With that said you could still get a virus if you explicitly download any files from an .io game and try to run it on your computer. This is the same risk you have if you download any file from a website and try to run it. Do not download and run strange files on your computer and you will be safe from viruses.